U.G.O Pochade kist

Unboxing Video

Van een aantal collega's kreeg ik al berichtjes met vragen over mijn nieuwe U.GO pochade box. Toevallig is het weer is op dit moment niet al te best dus ik dacht... Laat ik eens een unboxing filmpje maken...

Niet alleen het uitpakken is te zien, maar ook een beetje hoe hij er uit ziet en werkt. Ondertussen werk ik al een hele tijd met deze kist en zelf ben ik bijzonder tevreden met de U.GO. Hij is erg mooi en stevig gemaakt, weegt niet veel en is supersnel opgezet. Hij is al veel met me mee geweest en ook de canvas extenders die net op de markt zijn werken goed. (In het filmpje laat ik die ook zien) Die geven de mogelijkheid om naast panelen ook doeken op de pochade te schilderen. 


De U.GO wordt gemaakt door New Wave Art hij is daar te bestellen, maar ook  in Europa bij Peters Art


About U.GO 11"x14.5"

u.go™ Anywhere™ Pochade Box was designed for travel from sea to summit and anywhere in between.  The products are designed and manufactured by New Wave® in Pennsylvania, USA.  Each tree's inherent beauty, shown in the grain lines, knots, and varying wood tones, combines with our work handcrafting each pochade box to create an item that is uniquely yours. Patent Pending.

Size/Weight:  Measuring 11"x14.5"x1.25," the largest model (Item #00701) is ultra lightweight at 3.15 lbs, with palette included.

Materials:  The product is made using Baltic Birch wood, while stainless steel and aluminum accents provide strength where needed most.  All hardware is non-corrosive. 

Wood Finish:  The Baltic Birch is hand sanded, and finished with New Wave® proprietary wood finish for maximum durability.  The finish is non-porous, dense, and resistant to water as well as standard artist solvents and mediums.  In addition, the finish is crack proof, chip proof, and non-yellowing.

Magnetic Components:  Strong rare earth magnets are used for the closure, panel/canvas holder,  removable side wall for palette cleaning/replacement, and accessory side tray attachment.

Friction Hinges: Sturdy 180° range of motion to position the pochade box as vertical or horizontal as you would like. Horizontal set up is perfect for watercolor painting.

Tripod Mount:  Anywhere™ Pochade Boxes are compatible with universal 1/4" tripod mounts.

Palette:  A high density plastic palette is included.  Oil paints can be removed with solvents, and dry acrylic paint peels off.  A tempered glass upgrade is available in grey or clear for item #00701.

Paint Storage:  Paint dabs can be stored on the palette when the lid is closed due to a recessed palette and recessed lid.

Recessed Storage Compartment: Located at the rear of the palette measuring approximately 9.5"x1.12" and 0.88" in depth with a closed lid.  Can be used to hold paint brushes, paint tubes, wet paint dabs, etc.

Product Storage: Smooth exterior free of protruding wood or metal components allows for quick and easy storage in any pack.

Surfaces: Maximum Recommended Painting Surface is 14" Vertical.  Teeth on the stainless steel panel holders are capable of holding panels as thin as 1/16" and stretched canvas up to 3/4" thick. Product is ideal for 1/8" panels ensuring an ultralight setup.

Accessories:  Item #00701 includes one u.go™ Cinch made from silicone.  For use with glass palette upgrade or hanging tools.  Side trays and additional items available.


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